In Restoration - As always, any item in this section may be given priority, or reserved, on request. I also propose an addendum covering clocks awaiting repatriation - usually by sea freight and often 6 - 8 weeks before arrival. Again, items may be reserved on a no obligation basis.


Thos. Moss of Frodsham.

Thos. ( Thomas ) Moss of Frodsham ( Cheshire ). 13" breakarch brass dial with UNUSUALLY SMALL MOONPHASE DISC incorporated into a well executed pastoral scene to arch. Centre sweep date, subsidiary seconds dial, blued cut steel hands.Good quality, 8 day, 4 pillar movement with hourly ( rack ) striking. The long door, flame mahogany case with swan neck pediment, Corinthian capped, fluted hood columns repeated as matching trunk quarter columns. Fluted, canted corners to raised, shaped panel, base. All set on ogee bracket feet. Height 87.4" ( 222 cms. ) or 85.4" ( 217 cms. ) ex. ( pineapple type ) finial. N.B. Thomas Moss of Frodsham is recorded born 1733, married in 1757 and again in 1773.He died in 1785. Not yet started restoration.

Will. Unwin of Newark.

Willm. ( William ) Unwin of Newark.A very good, SMALL, well proportioned, long door, oak, 8 day, longcase clock with swan neck pediment and early "Wilson" 12" breakarch painted dial. Unusual "bamboo" effect hood columns. William Unwin of Newark is recorded 1780 - 1805.This example circa 1785. 78.3" ( 199cms. )



Lancaster of Plymouth.

Lancaster of Plymouth.SMALL, Early 19C, long door, mahogany longcase clock with shaped top to trunk door.Trunk with quarter columns. 12" diameter silvered brass dial, good quality, 4 pillar, 8 day movement with anchor escapement and hourly ( rack ) striking. Blued cut steel hands. Very good proportions and cute size.74.8" ( 190 cms. ). N.B. This example could be by either William Lancaster ( died 1822 ) or his son Thomas who took over the business in 1822 and died in 1850. The case now restored. The dial and movement not yet started.



George Clapham of Brigg.

George Clapham of Brigg ( North Lincolnshire ).Recorded circa 1760 - circa 1790. Known for brass and painted dial examples including lunar arch and 3 train. This example having 12" breakarch brass dial with MOONPHASES to arch and slender, exquisitely proportioned, high quality, flame mahogany case with fluted canted corners to trunk and typical pagoda top.Set on simple, shallow bracket feet. Good quality, two train, 4 pillar, 8 day movement with hourly ( rack ) striking.Blued cut steel hands. 90" ( 228.5 cms. ). Case now restored. Movement and dial not yet started restoration.

Thomas Martin of London.

Tho. ( Thomas ) Martin of London.Exceptional, long door, burr walnut case with breakarch top, side windows to hood, "pillars attached" hood door and typical "London" two step base. The 12" breakarch brass dial with "starry sky" PENNY MOONPHASE arch, "floating" half hour markers to Roman chapter ring, subsidiary seconds dial, square datebox and blued cut steel hands. The high quality, 8 day, 5 knopped and finned pillar movement ( with centre pillar latched ) and hourly ( rack ) striking. N.B. Thomas Martin is recorded ( two possible candidates ) the most likely being apprenticed to Jeremiah Martin ( a famous Tompion apprentice ) in May 1692 until 1699 but not freed. Work known - a longcase clock signed "Thomas Martin London". Height 89" ( 226 cms. ). Case now restored. Dial and movement in restoration.

William Avenell of Alresford

William Avenell of Alresford.Late 18C, long door, flat top, oak longcase clock of small size with side windows to hood and simple strip plinth to base.The 12" breakarch brass dial having MOONPHASES to arch, CENTRE SWEEP SECONDS, strike/silent selector placed, unusually, below the 12 o'clock position ( where the seconds dial is traditionally set ). High quality, 5 pillar, 8 day movement with anchor escapement, centre sweep seconds, tee shaped front plate to take the moonwork and pull hour repeat. N.B. The Avenell/Avenall family of clockmakers were prolific and well respected throughout the Hampshire area for more than two centuries due to their unfailing attention to detail and quality of their work.I always try to buy them when they become available. 79" ( 200.5 cms. ). Now fully restored, tested, calibrated and awaiting photography.



Perigal & Dutterrau

Perigal & Dutterrau Bond Street ( London ).A beautifully made, high quality, "London" mahogany longcase clock by this very well respected maker. The "typically London" long door, flame mahogany case with breakarch top, side windows to hood, brass insert hood columns and two step base. The 12" breakarch, plain white, painted dial with subsidiary seconds and date dials and blued cut steel hands. The beautifully executed, high quality, 5 pillar movement with anchor escapement and hourly ( rack ) striking.Strike/Silent facility to arch. Matched pair of brass bound weights, "double brass" pendulum bob. N.B. Perigal & Dutterau are recorded - "New Bond Street 1803 - 40" and "Watchmaker to His Majesty" ( this would be George III ). A very fine clock of "compact" proportions 86" ( 218.5 cms. ) tall. Now fully restored, tested and calibrated. NOW SOLD.

George Woolley of Bristol.

George Woollley of Bristol.Recorded born 1797 in High Wycombe ( Buckinghamshire ) became a Bristol Burgess in 1830, was at 25, Broadmead 1820 - 71.This example has a colourful 13" breakarch, raised centre, painted dial by Wright of Birmingham with ROCKING SHIP AUTOMATON to arch, painted seashells to corner spandrels, subsidiary seconds dial, "sad mouth" date aperture and blued cut steel hands.Typical "Bristol," mid 19C, short door, good quality, mahogany case with triple eagle/ball fretted top, "wavy edge" to inside of hood door, flame mahogany veneers, boxwood stringing, ebony and boxwood stringing, inlaid stringing, Corinthian capped rope twist full hood columns and matching trunk columns. The whole set on ogee bracket feet. The good quality, 8 day movement with hourly rack striking. A well looked after example of good colour and patination. N.B. The dialmaker, Wright of Birmingham, is recorded at 386, Summer Lane 1833 - 34 then at 130, Summer Lane 1835 - 45.This example, dating by style, will be circa 1840 so almost certainly produced when he was at number 130. 87.8" ( 223 cms. ) or 84" ( 213.4 cms. ) ex. finial. Case now restored ( though requiring little attention ) - dial not requiring restoration, movement now restored and on test/calibration.

John Lacy of Portsmouth.

John Lacy of Portsmouth ( Hampshire ).Recorded "late 18C".12" breakarch brass dial with "starry sky"MOONPHASES to arch.Good quality 8 day movement with hourly rack striking. Well proportioned, long door, plain mahogany case with breakarch top, side windows to hood, rear hood quarter columns and raised panel two step base. Height 83.8" ( 213 cms. ). Good, neat size and proportions. Now fully restored, tested, calibrated and awaiting photography. Impromptu pic's available on request.



Nathaniel Brown of Manchester

Nathaniel Brown of Manchester ( Lancashire ).A VERY HIGH QUALITY, long door, brass dial longcase clock with MOONPHASES, and QUARTER CHIMING movement. The superior quality case with many "extra details," the well chosen book matched veneers of good colour and patination producing a "fountain" effect to the trunk door. Bought privately, working, in well looked after condition, from "a good house," said to have been in the same wealthy family from new and ( allegedly ) to have graced the foyer of their private bank. The beautifully executed, 8 day, 5 pillar movement with QUARTER CHIMING on 6 bells and highly unusual VERTICAL"FLY" feature to both hourly ( rack ) striking and quarter ( countwheel ) chiming trains to govern speed and make the mechanism whisper quiet. A short video clip of the quarter chiming and hourly striking - taken with the dial off and the movement on test, is available on request. N.B. Nathaniel Brown was a well respected maker who flourished in late 18C Manchester.He died in 1800. Please see frontispiece and figs. 7.39 and 7.40 in "Greater Manchester Clocks and Clockmakers" by Edmund Davies for an excellent example of his work - also supplied by me, though not as complicated and fine as this one. This clock is circa 1775. Height is 98.45" ( 250 cms. ) or 94.1" ( 239 cms. ) ex. finial. There is a very similar example by this maker - also with MOONPHASES and QUARTER CHIMING movement, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and also dated to circa 1775. The cases, although not identical, share stylistic and constructional details so were undoubtedly by the same, very accomplished, case maker.I reckon my example much nicer and in far better condition. This is an excellent specimen which ( also ) should be in a museum. Impromptu pic's ( unrestored ) are available on request. N.B. A short VIDEO CLIP of the ( rare ) vertical fly features governing speed of quarter chime and hourly strike is available on request. Now fully restored, tested, calibrated and awaiting photography. Studio pic's soon.

Marsh of Highworth

Marsh of Highworth ( North Wiltshire ).A very good, well proportioned, long door, brass dial, 8 day, oak longcase clock with caddy top circa 1726.The high quality movement with 5 pillars and hourly ( rack ) striking. The oak case of good proportions, colour and patination. N.B. There are 3 Marsh of Highworth clockmakers recorded, Humphrey 1663 - 1717, Ono his son 1696 - 1732 and Jane the widow of Ono who continued the business "with a good workman from London ( John Cannon ) who has worked with and for the said Ono Marsh these eleven years....." This example, dating by style, will be by Ono who was married in 1726 - around the time he made this clock. Height is 87.6" ( 222.5 cms. ) or 82.5" ( 209.5cms. ) ex. caddy top. N.B. Ono was the nickname of JOHN Marsh and by which he was known.His wedding register records him as John. Now fully restored, tested, calibrated and awaiting photography. Studio pic's soon.

Samuel Pearse of Axminster.

Samuel Pearce of Axminster ( Devon ).12" square engraved and silvered brass dial with subsidiary seconds dial, "sad mouth" date lunette and cut steel Lozenge hands.Signed Samuel Pearse Axminster to dial centre. Good quality, 8 day, 4 pillar movement with hourly ( rack ) striking. The SMALL, neat, flat top, typically "Westcountry", oak case, with "pillars attached" hood door plus mahogany crossbanding and details.Height 74.5" ( 189.3 cms. ). Very similar to LCOAK 310 ( now sold ) except that this example has shallow bracket feet rather than a simple strip plinth making it slightly taller. Case now restored, movement and dial now on test/calibration. Studio pic's soon. Good SMALL size.

Henry Ellis of Lewes.

Henry Ellis of Lewes, ( East Sussex ). 12" breakarch engraved and silvered brass dial with substantial, well executed, 5 pillar, 3 train, 8 bell, QUARTER CHIMING MOVEMENT plus hourly ( rack ) striking.Typical "Lewes" long door mahogany case with breakarch top and side windows to hood. N.B. Recorded Walwers Lane, Lewes, St. John sub Castro, ( Sussex ) a single date, in Poll Book , 1818. Signed in flowing script - Henry Ellis Lewis ( old/alternative spelling ? ) to large oval reserve in the arch. Height 82" ( 208.3 cms ). Case restored, dial restored, movement restored and on test. A small, neat, pretty and compact clock. Impromptu pic's ( unrestored ) available on request. Studio pic's soon.